About minuteTakers


Why call minuteTakers?

minuteTakers knows that Minutes should focus on recording the decisions made by the collective Board on behalf of the Corporation. Our Minutes are structured to easily identify action items requiring follow-up and we draft motions in the proper format. We provide action-based minutes with a turn-around time within seven business days.

Our minute-taking service enables Management and Board members to fully participate in the meeting without worrying about recording Minutes, or spending time preparing them for distribution. minuteTakers’ professional recording secretaries can subtly provide structure to the meeting in terms of procedural matters, organization of agenda discussion items, and ensuring that Motions are recorded where appropriate, etc.

Auditors love our Minutes because they are complete and accurate. We are familiar with the Condominium Act, Robert’s Rules of Order, (also Wainberg’s), and are well-versed in procedural matters and the type of information required to be contained in Minutes as an official record.

Want to join our team?

Join our team of Professional Recording Secretaries! We are actively recruiting candidates to join our team for meetings throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This opportunity is ideal for young professionals, students, or freelance workers.

Please email your resume and cover letter to info@minutetakers.com for consideration.

Founder’s Profile: minuteTakers inc. was incorporated on January 24, 2007 by its founder, Scarlett Guy, who for over 17 years personally served the Greater Toronto Area condominium community as an independent recording secretary. As a former career law clerk (specializing in real estate and corporate law), she was well-equipped to develop into one of the most sought-after minute-taking professionals in the GTA.
minuteTakers Team: The minuteTakers team continues to grow with the goal of providing its clients with more flexibility and availability. Each team member is trained to the same standards that minuteTakers inc. clients have come to expect from the company’s founder. Every individual on our team is highly organized and articulate and takes pride in delivering excellence, consistent quality and professionalism.